Jello and Ice Cream anyone???

Jello and Ice Cream anyone???

My new windchime leaves me wishing for some Red and Orange Jello and a scoop of Ice Cream.  Wonder why?  Take a look for yourself.  

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Interested in purchasing this windchime?  Go to:

This windchime was made with love by using upcycled antique measuring spoons and a Hagan ice cream scoop. The top of the windchime is a copper jello mold.

The spoons are securely attached to the Jello mold by fishing line. The fishing line is adorned with red beads and orange/white swirl beads.

This would make a great gift for any occasion.
-Mother’s Day
-Father’s Day
-Grandparents’ Day

If you like this item, please visit the rest of my shop.

Find out more about Twice As Loved Artist

For other handmade items on Etsy search: teamhandmade
For other military wife owned shops on Etsy search: Etsy Military Wives


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