Welcome to my blog, Twice As Loved: Wind Chimes and More!

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Hi, My name is April Murray. I am the owner and creator of Twice As Loved. I live in Asheboro, NC. I up-cycle old things to create new, one of a kind, pieces such as Silverware & Tool Wind Chimes, Cheese Grater Earring Stands, Fork Ornaments, and Fork Business Card/Recipe Holders.

I started creating silverware wind chimes in September, 2011. I was looking for a creative item for my sister’s birthday. I saw something similar in a local craft store and thought “I can do that!” I had so much fun making the one for my sister that I just couldn’t stop thinking about how I could make different ones.

My most cherished handmade item is probably the one that I made for a give-a-way that a friend in Pheonix, AZ won. It was around Valentine’s Day, so at the top is a heart shaped cookie cutter. Hanging from it are measuring spoons decorated with red beads. It was the smallest I had made but so special. My three year old was very fond of it and told me how beautiful it was.

I chose to up-cycle items to create new and unique items for couple reasons. I believe we all have so much “stuff” already on this earth.  Stuff that we don’t use anymore. So, why not create something new out of it and give it a new “life” instead of just letting it sit around not being used or have it be laying in landfill somewhere.

My aunt, Becky inspires me to be creative. She is the most creative person I know.  Not only is she creative but she is a teacher just like I am.  While I was growing up she was always teaching me something new whether it be about manners, history, math or a craft. Over the years I have spent much time in her kitchen where we have talked about cooking, baking, and even just about life in general. Therefore, making wind chimes and other unique gifts using items related to the kitchen remind me of her.

I create in my kitchen, den, office, mudroom, outside, really wherever I can find a quite space sit and focus. So, no, I really don’t have a “super cool” looking workspace.  I wish I did.  My house is just not that big!

I chose the name “Twice As Loved” because all the items I make have been loved once, and will be loved again (just in a different fashion). Therefore, they are getting twice as loved compared to other things that get thrown away when they are finished being used.
I am a mom, military wife, church youth lead, and teacher. When I am not creating (or teaching) I am playing with my three year old daughter. She keeps me on my toes and loves to be adventurous.

My personal goal is to be successful enough in my business to not have to teach anymore.  My goal in my business is to be able to open up a Craft Consignment Shop. In this shop I would rent out space to other vendors as well.  All items would be created out of something that has already be loved once.  My hope is to be able to open up a shop like this in the next couple years.


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