You may purchase a Twice As Loved wind chime through my Etsy Shop  Through my Etsy shop you may use Paypal or a credit cards to purchase wind chimes.


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  1. I am interested in your music themed wind chime. Do you have one to sell? I loved the musical note wind chime seen here.
    My daughter is heading off to college and her violin teacher also loves to garden so I thought a music-themed wind chime would be a lovely gift

    • I do not currently have one for sale. But I will be happy to custom. make one for you. What color beads would you like for it to have? The top will vary depending on what I have already. Thank you! Please email me at

  2. Thank you for responding. Would you have a price in mind for the wind chime? Color scheme really does not matter for the beads.

    • Christine, It has taken me a little longer that I thought to get started on the windchime. My daughter has an ear infection. However, I will have it ready in a couple of days. I am so sorry for the delay!!

    • The windchime is ready! I will post it to Etsy tonight. The title will read, “RESERVED for C.Weckerle” The price will be $35 plus shipping costs $11.34.

    • Christine, the shipping will actually be cheaper than I thought. The cost of the windchime is $35 and the cost of shipping is 6.20. This will include a delivery confirmation. Thanks again for your order.

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