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Two days until a craft show!


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This Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012, I have been invited to be a vendor at the NC Secretaries’ Conference.  Above are just a few of the items that I will be selling there.  (silverware windchimes, silverware ornaments, cupcake/candle saucers, magazine/map envelopes, etc.)


Monday’s Crafty Military Wife, Patti Morgan (The Feisty Dragon)


What is your real name?

Patti Morgan

What is the name of your shop/business/company?

The Feisty Dragon

With which branch of the military are you affiliated?

Army (wife).

Where are you from or where are you stationed?

We hail from the Metro Atlanta area of Georgia, and are currently stationed at Fort Bragg.

What type of crafts do you create?

For my shop I make various styles of jewelry.  I have always favored hemp, but I also make chainmaille jewelry and beaded earrings and bracelets.

I typically sew Halloween costumes for my son (and, if time permits, myself) and I have started recreating some of the costume accessories for my shop.

Outside of my shop, I dabble in crochet, knitting, quilting, needlepoint, and cross stitching… though I do not proclaim expertise in any of these. 

Turquoise Beaded Wrap Bracelet on Dark Brown Leather  Toy Story: Woody's Gun Holster Costume Piece  Firey Red Beaded Bracelet on Silver Chain  Spiral Hemp Bracelet/Anklet with White Beads

How did you get started in crafting? 

My mother always encouraged my sister and me to try new things until we found something we liked.  She taught me to sew on her machine, and showed me her old macramé books when I was amazed at the plant hanger she showed me she had made. She taught me the basics of macramé, crochet, sewing, and cross stitch.

What do you do when you aren’t creating?

I’ve got my 4 year old son keeping me on my toes, a yard that keeps growing and old cars that need fixing. We enjoy geocaching when we need something to get us out of the house and on an adventure!

Besides that, if I’m not making something I know how to make, I’m learning how to make something completely different!  I crave a challenge, and “new” is always a challenge!  

What is your work space like?

My current “official” work space occupies the informal family room; centrally located in our house, it opens to the kitchen, both hallways (to the front door and bedrooms) and the sliding glass door opening to the back yard.  I rarely stay there for long unless I’m sewing, since most projects I can move around the house with me to simultaneously craft and entertain my son.

Who or what inspires you in either life or in your business?

My husband, of course, inspires me in life.  He is unfailingly supportive of all I do, no matter what it is.

My new friends (Lauren from The Crochet Lady and Jewel from Strawberry Jude HandGrown in particular) have been an excellent support group and source of inspiration; their drive and focus within their own work makes me strive to improve my shop every day.

What are your personal and/or business goals?

I hope to move out to a farm before I’m too old to enjoy it!  Horses, goats, chickens, a big garden… that is my dream.

As far as my business goes, I would love to be able to pay the mortgage out of what I earn! Or, at the very least, make the car payments.  

Can your work be found/bought in other locations than on Etsy? 

I hope to be at more craft shows in the future (like the one I will be at on October 6 in Southern Pines, NC), but currently Etsy.com is my primary shop host.

Purple Ribbon and Natural Hemp Keychain   Beaded Hemp Bracelet with Metal and Wood Beads  Pirate Sash- Red and White Stripes  Pewter Colored Pearl Earrings

Etsy Shop, The Feisty Dragon

Facebook Page: The Feisty Dragon

Head on over to The Feisty Dragon and tell her Twice As Loved Sent you!!

Getting Ready For “Christmas in July”

Getting Ready For “Christmas in July”

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas, decorating the tree, buying gifts, etc.  Well you are in luck, my friends!  I have started making my Christmas Fork Ornaments already!   You can hang them in your kitchen as a decoration during the year and place them on the Christmas tree during the holiday.  What??  You don’t celebrate Christmas?  That’s okay! Some of my friends don’t either, but I still love them!  You may still love these Fork Ornaments as Kitchen Art!!  Check these out.  Do me a favor. If you aren’t a fan already on my Twice As Loved: Wind Chimes and More facebook page, head on over, check it out, LIKE it and tell a friend!  Thanks friends! To purchase a Fork Ornament please visit my online shop at www.twiceasloved.etsy.com

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Featured Artist: Robin Kanoy (Mimi’s Bead Box)

Featured Artist: Robin Kanoy (Mimi’s Bead Box)

Today’s featured artist is Robin Kanoy (my mom!) 

Yellow Lapel Pin Purple Butterfly Lapel Pin

What is the name of your shop/business?  Mimi’s Bead Box

How did you come up with the name?  I have four special granddaughters and they all call me Mimi.  Also, I like to use beads in most of work.

How did you get started making beaded art?   I have always enjoyed making pins and dolls out of beads.  I have started to recently make hair bows and head bands as well.

Where do you sell your work? I have a shop on Etsy that I have been trying to build up.  Also I have participated in a craft show in Greensboro, NC at First Christian Church this spring.  I look forward to participating my many more craft shows in the future.  Right now I mostly sell to people I know.

Metalica beaded necklace Green Glass Beaded Bracelet

Friday’s Featured Artist – Hannah Fairbrother


What is your real name? Hannah Fairbrother

What is the name of your shop/business/company?  Harosef Design http://www.harosef.etsy.com

Where are you from? Salt Spring Island, BC

What type of upcycled crafts do you create?  I make upcycled clothing, bags, and housewares with funky original screen prints and designs.

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How did you get started in upcycling/ crafting? I have always crafted, growing up I would make jewelry, clothing, and always be drawing something (usually cats). I started my business a couple years ago, and being a struggling artist I couldn’t afford new fabric. Thrift stores are great places to find fabric to work with, and I like the idea of re-creating something beautiful from something others have given up. Why buy new when there is already so much good fabric and notions out there that people have discarded?

What do you do when you aren’t creating? I spend a lot of time reading, getting out in the beautiful nature that surrounds the gulf islands, exploring, climbing mountains and generally just taking in the fresh air. I love these little islands 🙂

What is your work space like? I have taken over my living room, fabric crowds every corner of the room, overflowing every shelf….its a bit crazy! I do all my screen printing up in my fathers old workshop, and the rest of the sewing is done in my living room. I recently bought a new serger, so am learning how to use that as well as my regular Janome.

Who or what inspires you in either life or in your business? My family inspires me to continue being creative in my business and my life…My fathers declining health has helped me realize that life can be shorter than you initially imagined, and that we must live every moment as fully and as happily as possible. Be yourself, be happy, and live your dreams.

What are your personal and/or business goals? I would love to be at a place in my life where I am completely supporting myself off of Harosef Designs, where people want to wear the clothes I design and covet what I make. I believe determination, hard work and a lot of happy thoughts will get me there!