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Thankful on Thanksgiving Day



Since I will be turning 31 in a few days, I will telling you all 31 things for which I am thankful.

1. My daughter, Chloe –> who is my biggest fan, and I am hers too.

2. My husband, Brad–> who loves me in spite of my emotions and silliness.

3. My parents, Larry and Robin (and their spouses)

4. My sister, Bobbie –> who is my very best friend in the world.

5. My cousins; especially the ones I am very close with–> who have be there for me and let me be there for them.

6. My aunts and uncles; especially Becky and Penny–> who have listened to me vent, cry, express excitement and joy, etc.

7. My former teachers; especially Mrs. Ziegler, Mr. Dunn, and Mrs. Hall

8. My current students the think I am so awesome.

9. My job that stresses me beyond belief, often.

10. My church, First Christian Church – Greensboro

11. My church family that loves my family and me, gives the strength and faith I need, and always makes us feel welcome.

12. The church youth group that I help to sponsor.  They are some of the best kids I have ever had the privilege to know.

13. Our dogs, Nattie and Ginger

14. Caffeine

15. Chips and salsa

16. The North Carolina Zoo –> where our family has spent countless hours seeing the animals and just walking.

17. Our new (to us) house that we will be moving into in a couple weeks.

18. Brad’s family that makes me feel welcome and loved.

19. Clothes and shoes that so many people in the world do not have.

20. Food and shelter that so many people in the world do not have.

21. Our military that will protect us.

22. My friends (new and old)

23. Our babysitter, Annette–> who makes our daughter feel loved and cared for when we are at work

24. My side job of being an entrepreneur

25. My nieces and nephews

26. pizza for days when I don’t feel like cooking

27. The opportunity to serve others through volunteer work

28. The sun

29. Our garden in the summer

30. Aldi’s Grocery Store, where I feel like a winner every time I check out.

31. HUGS AND KISSES from loved ones.